How much is the scholarship for?
Currently CUNY Community colleges (for in-state students) cost $4800 a year. Senior colleges are $6330 a year. The goal of the scholarship is to pay for any and all outstanding CUNY tuition so that the candidate incurs no debt burden. Monies awarded will equal the amount of CUNY college tuition minus the amount granted in the Pell and TAP award letters. Where the Pell and Tap grant cover all tuition costs, WithinReach will award $1,000 per year to cover the costs of books and transportation. Loans and work study will not affect the scholarship. The full tuition per semester minus the Pell and TAP will be paid by WithinReach directly to the college. Awardees must apply for FAFSA and TAP every year, and submit FAFSA and TAP award letters to WithinReach annually. This will determine the amount of the scholarship. Awardees will submit a tuition bill every semester to WithinReach, and WithinReach will pay the outstanding tuition (minus Pell and Tap) in full.
How are recipients selected?
Candidates for the WithinReach scholarship are initially selected by a committee based on their applications. Selected applicants will be interviewed. We will be looking for students with a strong work ethic, leadership skills, a desire to continue their education, and the desire to help the larger community of adult learners. The FAFSA Award letter is used to determine the final award amount of the scholarship. It does not determine if a candidate gets the scholarship.
What is the Selection Committee process?
Members of the selection committee will be chosen from the field of adult education and/or be members of the WithinReach Board of Directors. Teachers of any of the applicants will be recused from the selection committee.
What requirements are there for continuing to receive the scholarship?
Scholarship awardees must enroll as full time students and take a minimum of 12 credits a semester (unless one of their courses is a required remedial course). They must enroll a minimum of 2 semesters a year. They must complete 24 credits a year. Awardees may choose to enroll in an extra summer semester and WithinReach will pay the tuition. Alternately, the summer semester could be one of the two semesters enrolled in per year. Awardees must maintain a 2.5 GPA and submit copies of academic transcripts every semester to WithinReach Foundation. If an awardee fails or withdraws from a semester, or maintains less than a 2.5 GPA they risk forfeiting their scholarship. The recipient may choose to appeal for a continuation of the award.

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